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Nature's Treasures


     Of all of the different photography I do, I am most drawn to Nature.  All around us are incredible treasures that we often overlook and frequently dismiss.  Much of the natural world around us is deserving of a slower, closer look.

      For me photography is my way to force myself to slow down and look around.  I hope by sharing these images with you, it will encourage you to find a way to slow down and enjoy Nature.






810204 - Libby Lake and Clouds, Snowy Range, Wyoming 







1893 - Sunrise from Deadhorse Point, Utah 







1873 - Firey Furnace from Panorama Point, Arches National Park 







810121 - Redwood Burl, Stout Grove, California 







1872 - Goosenecks of the San Juan, Southern Utah 







810225 - Pine Tree and Triangle Cave, Vedauwoo, Wyoming 







810221 - Snow Drifts and Sagebrush, North Crow Road, Wyoming








810203 - Bent Tree at Mirror Lake with Approaching Storm, Snowy Range Wyoming 








1864 - Sunset from Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park 







1932 - Two Gourds Still Life 







810207 - The Fishing Hole, Snowy Range, Wyoming 







1856 - Fall Color in Horseshoe Canyon, Utah 







1833 - Corn Lilies, Hazard Lake near McCall, Idaho 







1855 - Top of Shaffer Trail, Island In The Sky, Canyonlands National Park 







1788 - Shell Falls, Shell Canyon, Wyoming 







1782 - Fall Trees in the Gully, Wind River Indian Reservation 







810180 - Yellow Aspen Grove, Blair Wallace Road, Wyoming 







810173 - Fallen Tree along Happy Jack Road, Wyoming 







1780 - Lake Marie with Snow and Low Clouds, Snowy Range, Wyoming 






1776 - Hills and Clouds west of Laramie, Wyoming 







1755 - Triangle Tunnel, Bandon Beach, Oregon 







1751 - Sea Stacks at Sunset with Sunburst, Bandon Beach, Oregon 







1743 - Rock with Blue Pattern, Bandon Beach, Oregon







1733 - Reflections and Rocks in Fog, Bandon Beach, Oregon 







1722 - Tree Roots, Shore Acres, Oregon 







810134 - Muley Point Overlook, Cedar Mesa, Utah 







810125 - Church Rock, Kayenta, Arizona 







1696 - Garrapata Beach, California 







1687 - Logs on the Beach, Bandon, Oregon 







1630 - Avalanche Gorge, Glacier National Park 







1626 - Log in clear water, Fisher Cap Lake, Glacier National Park 







1623 - Corn Lily, Glacier National Park 







810124 - Snag, Stout Grove, California 







1617 - Reflections and logs in the Water, Josephine Lake, Montana 







1596 - Lightning Bolt south of Wendover, Nevada 







810122 - Stout Grove in the rain, California 







1590 - Burl at the base of a Redwood Tree, Stout Grove, California 








1568 - Redwoods and Ferns along Boy Scout Trail near Stout Grove, California 







810095 - Salmon Lake Island, Montana 






810112 - Little Wild Horse Canyon, Utah 






810104 - Tree with Varnish, Scenic Drive, Capitol Reef National Park






810094 - Salmon Lake in Fog, Montana








810033 - Cottonwood Tree in Valley Of The Gods, Utah







810031 - Water Pool and Clouds, Cottonwood Road, Utah






1549 - Fern and Log, Darlingtonia Gardens, Florence, Oregon






1438 - Octopus Tree, Snowy Range, Wyoming






1417 - Datura, Bluff, Utah







1377 - Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah






1340 - Mono Lake, California







1320 - Sunrise at Zubresky Point, Death Valley







1312 - Sand Dune Ripples with Animal Tracks, Death Valley







1305 - Moving Rock, The Racetrack, Death Valley







1302 - Dune Triangles, Death Valley







1302 - Dune and Mountain, Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley






1296 - Dunes at Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley






1244 - Corkscrew Tree, Yellowstone National Park







1233 - Mammoth Terrace, Yellowstone National Park






1208 - South of Polaris, Montana






1146 - View from Hell's Backbone, Utah


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