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Craig Pindell



       I really enjoy making panorama photographs, that is a photograph in which one dimension is at least twice as long as the other dimension of the photograph.  My favorite format for panorama is 6x17, but I also make 6x12, and 4x10.  When I had the 8x10 Bomm camera custom built (Click here to read the article), I had a 5x7 back built to enable me to use a 6x17 Da Yi back.  My thought was that the Bomm was the perfect camera for the format and had the movements I would need to create precise and sharply focused images.

       I also built a 6x17 camera from a kit (Click here to read about Two Fourths build) hoping to have an alternative to using the Bomm for 6x17.  My thought was the Two Fourths 6x17 has no movements,  weighs less that 1/4 of what the Bomm weighs, and has no bellows to blow in the wind. 

     For my 4x5 Linhof I use a Horseman 6x12 back, which works very well.  Prior to buying the Horseman back, I used to make panoramas on a full 4x5 sheet then crop when printing.  The Linhof ground glass has lines for the 6x12 crop, so this worked well, but wasted film.

      I also occasionally use my Holga 612 as well.  The Holga is a very easy to use plastic camera with a low quality lens, but it can from time to time make a pleasing photograph. 


Field of Snow Drifts, Laramie County, Wyoming






Peace Lily, Cheyenne, Wyoming







Snowy North Crow, Laramie County, Wyoming






North Crow Reservoir, Laramie County, Wyoming







Windblown Clouds, Laramie County, Wyoming






Gerbaz Bridge, Woody Creek, Colorado






Autumn Aspens, Happy Jack, Wyoming






Twisted Tree, Oregon Trail Ruts Park, Wyoming






Tree and Rock, Vedauwoo Wyoming, Expired Film






Tree with Blooms, Guernsey State Park, Wyoming







Oregon Trail Ruts, Platte County, Wyoming






Fall Color, Guernsey State Park, Wyoming







Lake with Small Island, Albany County, Wyoming






Where the Buffalo Roam, Southern Wyoming






Wall of guitars, Guitars Etc. store.  Longmont, Colorado






Eclipse Day, Albany County, Wyoming






Sidewalk, Longmont, Colorado






Moonrise over the Marina, Georgetown, South Carolina






Eclipse, 2017,  Albany County, Wyoming






Livestock Pond, Cottonwood and Clouds, Southern Wyoming






Justice Center, Longmont, Colorado






Head view of Big Boy Steam Engine, Cheyenne, Wyoming






Headstone and Cottonwood, Cheyenne, Wyoming






Gargoyle and Driveway, Cheyenne, Wyoming






Sunrise, Dead Horse Point, Utah






Crashing Wave, Weston Beach, California






Warm Springs Bar and Cafe, California






Tree and Lenticular Cloud, Southeast Wyoming






Mountain Top Trees, Albany County, Wyoming






Waves of Grain, Georgetown, South Carolina






Rock Form, Weston Beach, California






Quonset in Northern Colorado






Navajo Mountain and Bluffs, Page, Arizona






Rocks and Moon, Horseshoe Bend Arizona






Cotton Field and House, Andrews, South Carolina






Abandoned Gas Station, Green River, Wyoming






Grass and Dock, Georgetown, South Carolina






Grain Elevator, Chappell, Nebraska








Cattails, Huntington Beach Causeway, South Carolina 







Capitol Reef National Park, Utah






Winter View, Boulder Mountain, Utah







Bike and Benches, Georgetown, South Carolina






Grassy Knoll, Bandon Dunes, Oregon






Windblown Beach, Bandon, Oregon






Sunrise, Ennis, Montana






Yellowstone Lake in Snow Squall


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