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Photo Journalism

     Many years ago, I thought that photo journalism would be a part time career that would be the perfect fit for me.  At the time I owned a struggling portrait studio, and the editor of the local newspaper needed photos.  How hard could it be?  The paper was a weekly, and they covered the cost of the film and developing, but I certainly never saw a profit.

     Even though I didn't make money, I did enjoy the work.  Eventually I was able to work for a daily paper, Associated Press, United Press International, a few magazines and a few advertising agencies.  Even though I was fortunate to be able to find work, I never found a photo journalism job that paid as much as being a welder. 

      The photo journalism career only lasted a few years, but I wanted to share a few of the images I liked from that time.



Dan Cheser, Spotted Horse, Wyoming



Mudwrestler, Cheyenne, Wyoming






Bus Crash with fatalities, Cheyenne, Wyoming








Peacekeeper Missile Training Silo






Chuckwagon Race At Sunset, Cheyenne, Wyoming






During a blizzard, Associated Press called requesting a photo of the "weather".  I convinced my Mother to bundle up and stand on her front sidewalk for this photo of a hardy soul braving the snow.






When the Editor says we need a pic of the big flag at the Capitol

Cheyenne, Wyoming
















Senator Alan Simpson, being Al









Chuckwagon Race, Cheyenne, Wyoming










Injured Cowboy leaving the care center, Cheyenne, Wyoming









 Images for an article about the closing of an amusement park








Chuckwagon, Cheyenne, Wyoming









Wyoming Governor Mike Sullivan








Images from the Rocky Mountain College Press Association

 photography contest when I was in Photo J school.

I won the spot news contest. 















US President Gerald Ford, Laramie, Wyoming









Cowboy in slicker, Cheyenne, Wyoming









Gun control hearing, Pinedale, Wyoming

The NRA and the national media inundated the small town.

The local townspeople lightened the mood. 
















Steam Engine leaving the yard, Cheyenne, Wyoming


















Tip of a nuclear Peacekeeper Missile


















Bullfighter moving in to save a cowboy, Cheyenne, Wyoming















Splashdown! Cheyenne, Wyoming
















Wyoming State Senate Chambers. Cheyenne, Wyoming














The Staredown. Wild horse race, Cheyenne Wyoming







Steer Wrestler, Cheyenne, Wyoming







The Takedown, Cheyenne, Wyoming 




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