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Water: The lifeblood of our planet

      When I began serious photography, one of my favorite subjects was water. Slow moving or fast moving. Mirror calm or frothy waves. Towering waterfalls or frozen solid. Something about photographing water has always been special to me. The technical challenges of photographing water are interesting to me.

      For me it is impossible to not be at peace when sitting beside a stream, or near a lake or pond.  Water can bring peace and contentment.

      I have hundreds of negatives of water-related images, and it was a challenge to edit the number down to the few that are presented here. Every photograph is important and special to me.  Leaving any of them out of the mix is hurtful in a way.  I know it is silly, but it is a real problem.  I will keep changing these images and adding to the gallery, so stop back by.

      I hope you enjoy these few favorites.




Fall Color, Bishop, California






Siesta Lake, Yosemite National Park






Sunrise, Lake Marie, Wyoming






Crashing Wave, Weston Beach, California






Creek In Snowy Range, Wyoming






Curved Tree, Mirror Lake, Wyoming






Waterfall, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park






Approaching Wave, Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina






Sailboat at Anchor, Georgetown, South Carolina






Sweet Creek Falls, Oregon






Flooded Main Street, Georgetown, South Carolina






Triangle Rock, Weston Beach, California






Roadside Waterfall, Caldwell, Idaho






Marina, Georgetown, South Carolina






Shell Falls, Shell Canyon, Wyoming






Tensleep Creek, Wyoming






Lake Marie in Snow, Wyoming






Multnoma Falls, Oregon






Roadside Waterfalls, Highway 2, Montana






Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park






Sacred Dancing Cascades, Glacier National Park






Three Falls, Sweet Creek Oregon






Opalescent Pool, Yellowstone National Park






Ice Falls, Thermopolis, Wyoming






Wheatland Reservoir Sunset






Waterfalls at the end of the spillway, Guernsey Reservoir, Wyoming


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