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This fall I began pulling together a collection of old and new photos of buildings and views around the Rocky Mountain west.  I was hoping to evoke some emotion about part of life that I remember from growing up in the area that now seems to be fading into never never land of memories that young people find pathetic and laughable when anyone over 50 mentions.  I may still want things to be as they were when I was growing up,  but I know, as we all know, that things will never be that way again.  These photos are as close as I can get.

I hope you enjoy!





Memories, 2015


Abandoned Cabin and Gnarled Tree at Rock Acres Wyoming








Abandoned Church near Bayard Nebraska







Abandoned Corn Picker near Juleasburg Colorado







Abandoned Buildings between Cheyenne and Bear Mountain Station Wyoming







Abandoned Schoolhouse near Yoder Wyoming






Abandoned Gas Pumps - Sweetwater County Wyoming






Best Out West Flour, Northern Wyoming





Grain Elevator, Ault Colorado





Old House along Highway 85, Wyoming




Hawksprings Wyoming Desoto Dealership





Inside Ben's Bar




Centennial Ridge Wyoming Mine Shaft





Outhouse on the Family Farm





Window with lace curtains, Bergdorf Hot Springs




Post Office, Warren Idaho




Platte Equipment Company,  Wheatland Wyoming




Aspens Overtaking a Log Cabin




Cabin Gable, Burgdorf Hot Springs Idaho





Fall, 2015





Round Bales Near Grandpa's Conservation Area

North of Julesburg Colorado







Chappell Nebraska Grain Elevator







Berea Church
Northeast of Chappell Nebraska





Spring, 2015

In early March, 2015, I attended the Fine Tuning the Expressive Black and White Print workshop With John Sexton and Anne Larsen in Carmel Valley CA.  What an incredible workshop! The instructors were incredible, and the participants were incredibly talented and motivated.  The days were long, but in the end, it was worth every moment.

I was able to take enough time to photograph on the way to the workshop, as well as on the return trip.  Below are some of the images I created.

Following this group of images, are other images created for different workshops.

I hope you enjoy!




Henry Mountains From Boulder Mountain






Capitol Reef National Park





Page Arizona Moonset






Warm Springs Bar and Cafe,

Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada






Navajo Mountain and Bluffs, Near Page Arizona






Near Bryce Canyon, Utah






Triangle Rock at Weston Beach, Point Lobos, California








Rock Form at Weston Beach, Point Lobos, California






Waves at Weston Beach, Point Lobos, California









White Rock at Weston Beach, Point Lobos California






Abandoned Gas Pumps
West of Green River, Wyoming









Additional Portfolios



Finally, during the spring and summer of 2014, I was able to arrange my schedule to allow me to finally attend photography workshops again.  I have always enjoyed workshops.  Meeting the instructors and attendees.  Some of them become friends for life! 

One of the most important parts of good workshops is the portfolio critique.  Although sometimes difficult to endure, honest and frank criticism of your photographs is the best way to improve.  A lot of effort goes into choosing the images and then making the absolutely best prints I can make.

While I was doing this in preparation for the workshops this summer, it occured to me that I should share these images on the web site.





Peek A Boo Canyon Face








Long Ruin With Flame Ceiling






Mirror Lake in Snow








 Ice Falls







Two Story Ruin Through the Door Way







Northern Arizona Moonrise 








Spiral Staircase in the Lighthouse








Chugwater Grain Elevator







Garrapata Beach









 Lewis Lake and Sugarloaf Mountain in Snow









Fallen Bristlecone and Mountain









Ceiling Ruin Horizontal








Tensleep Creek






Many Glaciers Waterfall







Sacred Dancing Cascades








Tree With Varnish Wall








Rock in the Cove








Burl on the Redwood Tree




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